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what to look for

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what to look for

Inläggav store name » mån okt 31, 2005 01:24

My neighbour is going to Poland next week, he jokingly asked me if i wanted anything in Germany or anywere in the general area.(he is visiting his family all over)
(OH< he did not know what he was asking :wink: ) So i would like to tell him that i want him to find a Didy store. but what would the shop be called??
how would i properly tell him what to look for, he will be alone, no womanly assistance.
store name

Inläggav MothersHelper » mån okt 31, 2005 02:23

i can not edit- but it was me asking, i am not a guest really.
Diane Pepin ~Mother's Helper,baby slings and more~ http://www.mothers-helper.ca 1-877 -256-3541
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Inläggav karisaf » ons nov 02, 2005 07:10

Diane you could look on the Didymos site to see retailers. I would also ask him to get some wooden toys! :)
mama to Adrian
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Blev medlem: ons sep 07, 2005 22:48
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