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Hoppediz tying method

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Hoppediz tying method

Inläggav usamama » lör sep 24, 2005 01:57

For those that have scanned the instruction book-- do you wrap this way? Do you do the chacka chacka hold? Do you use the chest knot for the simple rucksack carry?
I am trying these methods and I must say that while they are comfy, my son is much lower than my normal rucksack. So I am really carrying him on my back as opposed to putting mst of the weight on my shoulders. I do feel like that this way is more involved and takes more time to do than my normal rucksack shown here http://www.wearyourbaby.com/default.aspx?tabid=189 and in a picture here http://www.attachedtobaby.com/photos/co ... e4157.aspx and here for a better view of the front http://www.attachedtobaby.com/photos/co ... e4154.aspx
I feel like I need to play around with it (maybe start higher so DS is as high as my normal carry but I am not sure if the chest knot will interfere, does anyone know?) but I do like it for naps(DS head is not gonna anywhere) and I am pretty sure as long as I practice the techniques used I will get a no fail rucksack everytime- no diaper popping!
Any thoughts if you made it this far?
Thanks and sorry I am so long winded
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Re: Hoppediz tying method

Inläggav Helena » lör sep 24, 2005 03:57

I never carried so much in the front with my Hoppediz, my son was already one and a half when I bought it. But I think the "chaka chaka hold" is very smart, especially since the Hoppediz is so stretchy, you need to pull harder on that wrap than on other wraps. I didn´t really felt the need to do the "chaka chaka hold" with my Storchenwiege, it got tight anyhow.

I think the knot is good for the rucksack carry, but it takes time and I loose control over the wrap when I do it. I like the knot best when I make wrap cross carry on the back.

In my instruction of the rucksack carry (I have the German instruction book, I don´t know if it´s different), they have the wrap sort of rolled on top of the shoulders, instead of spreading it out, looks very uncomfortable to me.

I don´t like the classic Rucksack carry, the way you do it, my shoulders start to hurt immediately, I think it gives so much relief if your chest helps to support the weight, either if you have a knot or cross the wrap over your chest. If you want the baby high up, I think some kind of tibetan carry is the best, then you also get that help from your chest.
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