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How much do you like your Hoppediz?

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Inläggav MothersHelper » mån sep 12, 2005 17:47

grin, i just popped over to TBW and saw that,
too funny.
i love the lava- that looks like purple orange and plum.
i think that i like it betteer than the more orange sol.
orange clashes with my skin.
i think i better walk away from the computer now and get some work done!! :oops:
this is seriously eating into my day here.
:wink: rofl.
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Inläggav April » mån sep 12, 2005 21:35

I'm not very pleased with Hoppediz. The one I have (and also those I've tried) are thick and coarse, hard to wrap and tie, warm to wear and not that suportive...
I think the colorways are beatiful, and from what I understand some of them are wonderful to wear, but some are not nice at all...

I agree with Lin... I don´t like Hoppediz that much. I love my Bebina ;-) :-D

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