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Hello again!

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Hello again!

Inläggav Josie » mån jul 20, 2009 14:12

I was just browsing the web, and came accross SjalBarn again - it's absolutely ages since I came here - and thought I'd drop in! :tumup:
I had to update my signature - which said my youngest daughter was 19months - wow - she is now 5.5 years old - and is no longer the youngest - she has a baby brother now - Alfie - who is 13 months!


My eldest child is 16 years old and has just left school (that makes me feel old).

I am still babywearing - of course - and have quite a collection now - but they are all put to good use. :lol:

Anyway, if you are English speaking and stumble accross this site - hello and do look at the gallery here - there are lots of fab pics of all the carriers! :wink:
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Re: Hello again!

Inläggav Din mamma » mån jul 20, 2009 14:32

Din mamma
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Re: Hello again!

Inläggav Jinxan » mån jul 20, 2009 15:06

Jag är inte här
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Re: Hello again!

Inläggav April » ons jul 22, 2009 18:02

Welcome back! :-D
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