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St Lucia day?

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St Lucia day?

Inläggav usamama » sön dec 04, 2005 04:32

DD has chosen this day to share as her reading project. Can not imagine where she got this idea :lol: :lol: If anyone celebrates this day in their home could you please tell me a little about you celebrate? What do you use as a white robe? Do you sew it yourself? What do you make your wreath out of? Any info is wonderful!
Thanks for reading!
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Inläggav Tiz » sön dec 04, 2005 08:41

I think the most of us buy the robes in the store, almost any store sells Luciarobes at Lucia. As a sash we use a red satinribbon or glitter (tinsel ??) Lucia herself has a lightcrown often made of lingonberry sprigs or you buy one in plastic, with electric lights in a store ;)

It is mostly celebrated by the children.

Sorry my bad english, cant concentrate with a angry son in my lap ;)
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Inläggav Ester » sön dec 04, 2005 08:48

Oh Lucia is celbrated in every kindergarten/preschool all the way up to highschool.
There are Lucias being voted in e very town and is the Lucia of sweden each year.

The younger children often use electric-lighs and as they get older candles are used even in the crown on Lucias head.
You can find the white robes/gowns in stores.

There are certain songs being sung and she comes with her maids and "starboys" early in the morning, while it is still dark.
I have to look if I can find anything on the web with pictures for her.
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Inläggav Cinnamon » sön dec 04, 2005 10:15

Here one webpage with more information and some photos ... 11421.aspx
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Inläggav Shasista » sön dec 04, 2005 11:04

The story of Lucia: (in short)

There was a girl namned Lucia. She was a christian who lived on Syracusa. A soldier namned Venantius asked Lucias father if he could marry her, but Lucia refused. After her mother got very ill and died and her father was to do the same, her father said: Marry Venantius, he loves you. Lucia said: NO, he only loves me for my beautiful eyes.

When her father died, she pulled out her own eyes :!: and gave them to Venantius on a plate. She said: You fell in love with my eyes, so here they are...
Venantius says: I'm sorry, You are more than just beautiful, you are all I need!
But somehow God gives her two new eyes...and they get married. Lucia had quite a lot of money that her father had saved.

During this time, alla christians on Syracusa is chased away. The hide in the mountains and some under the city in the "tunnels" (?).

Lucia took alla the money she had and bought food and other things to the christians. First she carried a tray with bread in one hand and then a candle inthe other. Then she made a crown of candles instead and put it around her head so she had both hands free to carry more bread. (Therefor we do that to, when we celebrate Lucia :wink: )

When she got back, Venantius had discovered that she had taken all the money and he was angry. He said that she was a witch and should be burned. Just as the flames touch her body, a rain falls down and put the fire out. Venantius is so angry that he takes his sword and drives it through her! So she starts to bleed... ( That's why the Lucia has a red stripe around her waist, the blood comes pouring out.... )

Anyway, thats the story of Lucia....


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Inläggav usamama » sön dec 04, 2005 18:43

I can not thank you enough for the help and the story wsa wonderful-- it really helped us put some pieces into place! Thank you thank you thank you!!! tack själv tack själv tack själv!!!!
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Inläggav Lingling » sön dec 04, 2005 22:39

There is also a story by Selma Lagerlöf were the legend is retold in a local version from Värmland (where the celebration of Lucia in Sweden is supposed to have started). In that story there is a Lady Lucia (Fru Lucia) who has spent the food stores on helping the poor when her husband returns unexpectedly, she prays to her saint, St Lucia and the saint helps her, giving her a pitcher of strong wine ("malvasir"), the husband falls asleep after drinking the wine and Lady Lucia can refill the stores and is saved from her husband's wrath.
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